Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are the Stars coming back to Starwood?

As April approaches, one thing that starts to consume my mind is outdoor music. Those of you from around Nashville may remember a little outdoor venue that used to fill the summer nights with the sound of music. What am I referring to? You guessed it…STARWOOD. I have been hearing rumors and reading news stories about the possibility of bringing this place back to life for months. Metro Council voted back in February and approved that Starwood could be used temporarily as an outdoor music venue again. I was so excited until I read an article in the Tennessean a few weeks ago saying the Tennessee Valley Authority has listed Starwood as one of the 14-sites that could be a potential home for a new regional data center.

So where exactly does that leave Starwood? Will we get our music venue back or will the property become a data center? I contacted Jim Morris, CB Richard Ellis Senior Vice President, who is the listing agent on the property. I was hoping to bring back a solid answer on how the property would be used or even a date in which a decision had to be made. Unfortunately, at this time the future of Starwood is still yet to be determined. As far as the possibility of Starwood being used as a concert venue this summer, “It couldn't happen that quickly,” said Morris.

Of course I would love to see Starwood open back up as my outdoor musical playground, but the possibility of new jobs for the area isn’t the worst thing either. I will keep you posted on the fate of our favorite outdoor music venue.        

"Everyone deserves music, sweet music." - Michael Franti

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