Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nashville went Gaga at the Monster Ball

Tuesday night, Nashville's Bridgestone Arena hosted a ball where thousands of freaks and geeks became kings and queens. This wasn't just an ordinary ball...this was the monster ball.

Lady Gaga or Lady Gay Gay (as some would say), came into town and threw a bash where everyone was not only welcome, but they were free to be as provocative and outlandish as they wanted to be. She created a safe-haven where people could avoid the truth and reality of the outside world, “I hate the truth so much; I’d prefer a giant dose of bullshit,” said Gaga.

Gaga proved she has the talent to back her iconic reputation and the show she puts on is anything but ordinary. She defines what a multi-platinum, adored by millions pop artist should be. Vocally, she not only actually sang, but she nailed every song (which is more than can be said for several of today’s pop superstars). While on stage she assured her fans, “I don’t lip-sync one word of this show,” and that she wasn’t some “rich bitch” who was going to get up there and not actually sing.

The show was choreographed beautifully, Gaga not only danced her ass off, but she pulled out all the bells and whistles. She set her piano on fire, came out covered in blood for “Paparazzi,” had several wardrobe changes (each costume more unique than the one before) and joining her on stage were cars, busses and huge monsters. Her fans would have expected nothing less from her.

The little monsters love their Gaga, just as Gaga loves her little monsters. Midway through her set she paused to tell fans, “My love for you bears strong authenticity.” She then looked around the arena and saw the costumes her fans wore in honor of her and said, “You look just like me in a video, you should be so proud.”

Towards the conclusion of her show fans were waving their paws in the air and clapping vigorously for more and Gaga compared herself to a Disney character, “I am kind of like Tinker Bell, you know how Tinker Bell will die if you don’t clap for her. Clap for me.” Gaga stood there for a moment took it all in and before exiting the stage she said, “You just remember that you are a goddamn superstar Nashville.”

Gaga's Little Monsters

“I wear my mask proudly and with purpose because I was born this way.” - Lady Gaga

Nashville's Finest...

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  1. Rock out, Jenn! I was just transported vicariously to the show through your blog! Can't beat that ;-)