Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Buffalo Clover

There’s a certain sentiment behind the band name Buffalo Clover for lead singer, Margo Price.

“Buffalo clover is a flower that comes up after buffalo trample; the less buffalo there are, the less the flower comes up,” explains Price.

“To me, it’s just beautiful. I grew up on a farm in Illinois called ‘Buffalo Prairie,’ and it is just something that’s always been in the back of my mind. It’s kind of touching whenever I see it.”

Buffalo Clover started up in 2008, and is currently comprised of Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey, Matt Gardner, Jason White and Dillon Napier. Since their inception, they have explored many different genres of music ranging from gypsy funk and blues, to southern soul and rock and roll, their more current sound.

“We’ve found it’s hard to please everyone,” says Price. “There are definitely still elements of blues and funk in the music, but we are trying to keep it a little more consistent.”

Buffalo Clover released their third studio album, Low Down Time in June of 2011. The album was just nominated for an Independent Music Award (IMA) for Best Alternative Country Album of the Year.

“I didn’t even know anybody entered it,” says Price laughing. “It cracked me up that they put it in the all country category, because that was us trying to move more toward Motown.”

2012 is going off without a hitch for Buffalo Clover. Just recently they released their latest single, “Hey Child.”

“My husband and I wrote this song together,” commented Price. “You meet a lot of people throughout your life and some of those people can become tied-up and distracted by drugs. This song points a finger at that.”

This song also strikes a very personal note in Price’s life. “We had a really rough year nearly two years ago,” says Price. “We lost a child. There are things in there that touch on that, like in the video--me going to the grave.”

“I think my husband and I have both been distracted through drinking, and this song is a call to everyone to get their shit together,” adds Price.

The chorus of the song comes across as a loving way of conveying the message to rise above it all.
“Hey child, you better get it right on you/ Hey child, you got so many better things to do.”

Buffalo Clover, who has shared the stage with Grace Potter and Nocturnals and The Flaming Lips, is freshly back in town after hitting the road to head to Austin to play SXSW.

“It’s been really fun,” says Price of being in Austin. “We played a show at a place called The Rooftop. When we first walked in there was another band playing and there weren’t very many people there. “

“We had driven so far and it was just kind of a last minute gig that got booked so we really did not have any time to promote it. They had speakers out on the street and people started pouring in, so my mood quickly changed and it turned out to be pretty cool.”

Tonight the band with a whole lot of southern soul will be playing at the 5 Spot in East Nashville.  
“It's just a really relaxed place to be,” comments Price on the 5 Spot atmosphere. “There's always a good crowd. It just feels like home.”

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